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Feeling disconnected from your true self? Unsure of your identity or purpose? I'm here to help you turn your light back on and make the impact you desire in the world.

By distilling ancient wisdom from Human Design, Gene Keys, and universal laws, I guide you with practical, actionable steps for modern living and prosperity.By distilling ancient wisdom from Human Design, Gene Keys, Shamanism and Universal Laws, I guide you with practical, actionable steps for modern living and prosperity.


   Curious about your Human Design?

My Approach

Mind | Body | Spirit

Step into a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening with a unique fusion of Human Design, Gene Keys, energy practices, and the universal laws. My holistic approach integrates the mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual dimensions, transforming ancient wisdom into practical tools for modern living.

Discover Your True Essence

Human Design maps out your unique energy and personality – your personal Source Code. By understanding your design, you can align your life with your true nature, making choices that honor your authentic self. Uncover your strengths, navigate your challenges, and find your path to true fulfillment.

Gene Keys offer a profound exploration of your genetic code, revealing your life's purpose and highest potential. Through contemplation and self-reflection, transform your shadows into gifts and live a life of deeper purpose and joy.

As an experienced energy practitioner, I guide you through practices that enhance your vitality and support your spiritual alignment. Together, we will address imbalances and foster a sense of harmony within, using practical applications of ancient wisdom.

Join me on this sacred journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Together, we’ll craft a harmonious path that integrates Human Design, Gene Keys, Energy Work, and the universal laws, leading you to a life of profound fulfillment and purpose. Let’s unlock your highest potential and create the impact you aspire to achieve in the world.

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Retreats & Programs

Retreats & Programs

Trust Fall is a bespoke, high-touch experience unfolds across three months, initiated through a two-day in-person intimate group retreat. 

Private Mentorship

Guided mentoring programs, spanning from VIP days to year-long journeys, offer personalized one-on-one support uniquely tailored to enhance your business, relationships, and overall growth.

Illumination Session

A personalized and in-depth one-on-one advisory session tailored for individuals seeking specialized guidance in uncovering and addressing hidden challenges. Through Human Design and Gene Keys readings, this transformative consultation aims to reveal and resolve obstacles to your personal and professional advancement, empowering you to move forward confidently.

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