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I invite you to move differently in the world. A way of navigating that can only come from the feeling of being deeply rooted and in alignment. The world brims with possibility when you are rooted in your purpose and in peace. This journey is a sacred exploration of self-discovery and spiritual expansion. Step into the embrace of your soul’s calling and the opportunity to thrive and flourish.


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My Approach

Mind | Body | Spirit

In my practice, I guide my clients using the transformative power of immersive and holistic experiences, integrating the mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual. Together, we will embark on a profound journey, drawing inspiration from various disciplines:

Business Wisdom: With over thirty years of executive and business experience, spanning from startups to Fortune 100 enterprises, we will create your space where we can align your professional goals and aspirations with the tools for growth, abundance, and success.

Soulful Physiology: The delicate dance of the mind and body is critical to creating a balanced mindset and the ability to execute. Using somatic tools and practices, we pave the way for spiritual alignment, unlocking your reservoir of untapped potential.

Psychospiritual Exploration: Our beliefs and mindsets are the culmination of our knowledge, experiences, generational beliefs, and sacred universal wisdom that connects everyone. We will explore your layers of conditioning, fears, and limiting beliefs that constrain you. Equipped with sacred tools and transformative practices, we will facilitate your awareness, empowering you to manifest your soul's purpose and embrace your potential on all levels.

Energetic Alchemy: Intertwined with the physical world is the realm of energy and spirit. As a master in multiple energy work disciplines, I will guide you through your blockages, blind spots, and obstacles to sovereignty.

Together, we will connect you with your divine essence and mission, igniting a spiritual transformation that aligns you with your highest potential. Join me on this sacred pilgrimage of self-discovery and spiritual expansion. Together, we will merge the realms of business and spirituality, co-creating a blueprint that radiates prosperity, purpose, and profound fulfillment.

Podcasts & Media

Personal & Spiritual Development 

Check out The Source Code Podcast! Each week we explore topics that feed your mind & nourish your soul. 

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Retreats & Programs

Retreats & Programs

Trust Fall is a bespoke, high-touch experience unfolds across three months, initiated through a two-day in-person intimate group retreat. Source Code: Be Rooted Amid Chaos is a self paced online study experience.

Private Mentorship

Spiritually guided mentoring programs, spanning from sacred VIP days to year-long journeys, provide one-on-one support uniquely crafted for your business, your relationships, and the enhancement of your results on a spiritual level.

Illumination Session

A personalized and in-depth one-on-one advisory session designed for individuals seeking specialized guidance in identifying and overcoming their blind spots. These blind spots frequently act as obstacles to personal and professional advancement, and the purpose of this transformative consultation is to illuminate them, enabling you to move forward confidently.

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